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PLX understands the challenges of fund raising.  Although we don’t directly raise funds (we have a great partner in Aperio Philanthropy that can help with that), we have developed what we call PLXibile Funding.  It leverages our relationships and resources in Washington DC, Topeka, Jefferson City, and local governments.  We know that there are literally millions of dollars available to nonprofits, for-profits, public entities and government agencies.  The challenge for nearly all of these organizations is that they’re unable to monitor these funding sources – it takesan expensive full-time researcher or lobbyist.    

Fortunately for our clients, our PLXible Funding team is steeped in the experience and expertise that allows our clients access to a lobbying partner creating a unique pipeline to relevant funding information. Depending on our client’s interest, we triage the data to provide options that are germane to the client’s funding needs.  

How does PLXible Funding work?


• Our clients subscribe to our monthly PLXible Bulletin.  The subscription rate varies by client size or category.

• PLX can help with consulting advice to help our client analyze the funding opportunity and to create a strategy to acquire available funds.

• PLX can also provide grant writing expertise and assistance should the client require.

• Should the client need lobbying expertise, we can refer them to our lobbying partners at the national, state or local level.


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